Top Most Affordable Tourist Destinations of India

Seventh largest tourist destination of the world and budget proof country for crosswise travelers, India winning hearts of oodles of people of all walks of life. The region encapsulates the serene beauty of abundant grandeurs. So stay little away from your busy schedule & jostle yourself into India’s heart throbbing attractions of extremes. It’s no less than a paradise which exhibits different tastes of nature along with enchanting blend of irresistible lures.

The cosmic diversity of attractions of region’s awaiting spectacles hover over it in full swing & you will lost in melting pot of nature which’s a an ultimate dream of any viewer. So what’re you waiting for let’s paddle your wheels & jump into the brackish cruise of beguiling lures by grasping the wrist of soothing tranquility of nature, explore sizzling, sumptuous sightseeing and be a witness of true embracing nature of India.

As discussed above India is holistically a budget proof destination where you don’t have to think about your budget and everything comes in favorable prices. While deciding the destinations for holiday tour, there would be running plenty of places in mind your mind but if you’re bewildered choosing the right one then you can pass across the suggestive places where you can peacefully splurge your precious leisure.

Goa- Big Blast in Small Package

A place where Indian culture intertwines with Portuguese influences who left over from a 500-year livelihood. Brackish beauty of beaches loaded with bio-friendly atmosphere and modern culture is truly blend proof of natural attractions. One can enjoy its vast diversity of beaches decked with deep blue tranquilizing water. No less than tequila shot with a blend of cocktail. People who visit here become the fan of its modern culture and frank life style.

The city gives you the complete feel of heaven. No need to look at budget because it’s not as expensive as it appears. There are lots of things to do in Goa. One can avail its Sunset boat cruise experience. You can choose huge lunch from an equally huge menu from its most famous German Bakery. One can buy trendy clothes and other accessories from Anjuna Flea Market. If you are beer lover then it can prove to be a treat for you because the region is very famous in offering quality beer at affordable charges.

Goa - Taj_Fort_Aguada

Goa - Taj_Fort_Aguada

Kerala- God’s own Country

Kerala is a place where India slips down into second gear and sojourn thousands of tourists. God’s Own Country indulges abundant attractions and each of them has its own story to reveal so it’s quite tough to go in depth of each. One of the laudable achievements of Kerala is its mesmerizing hospitality services and amiable people. The whole topography of this picturesque piece of nature is blessed with hundreds of breathtaking attractions.

Be it be tranquilizing beaches, snow-dusted mountains, captivating beaches, green carpeted hill stations and exotic wildlife sanctuaries. The state is famous for its rich and diverse culture, tradition and colorful livings of people. In kerala, spindly networks of rivers, lagoons and canals nurtures a apparently vast number of rice paddies and coconut groves on the other hand sleek houseboats cruise the water highways from one pastoral village to another.

Kerala - Famous for Houseboats

Kerala - Famous for Houseboats

Rajasthan- Land of Kings

Rajasthan is widely popular for valiant & chivalrous Rajputs. It indeed proves to be magnificent kingdom of maharajas and their grand imposing forts and lavish palaces. Rajasthan is placed on most travelers’ wish lists and one who is aware with its history wants to visit here at least once in his or her life. The land of region is highly decked with, camel trains and tigers, deserts and jungle, glittering jewels, vivid art and vibrant culture. If one asks, what’s hot about Rajasthan? Then answer would be charming palaces and unique Pushkar camel fair.

Camel fair is Rajasthan’s most famous festival which is all about a rollickin’ good time. It comparatively draws around 1/2 Lakh of camels and about 1.5 Lakh of people together which is a very huge in terms of popularity. The fair is presumably when Rajasthani farmers gather together to buy and sell their camels, horses and cattle. Some of the other irresistible lures of Rajasthan Include: Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Jaisalmer Fort, Sam Sand Dune, wide list of unique palaces etc…

Hawa Mahal Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Hawa Mahal Jaipur (Rajasthan)

The list doesn’t even end here. There are more than hundreds of elegant and affordable tourist destinations in India where you can go out with your family. Some of the other mesmerizing destinations include: Darjeeling, Jaipur, Kashmir, Laddakh, Munnar etc…

Find top five Indian restaurants in London

Indian restaurants in LondonLondon is a great city. In fact one of my favorite cities all over the world and believe me, I’ve been to many places. What makes London so special is the fact that it combines many cultures. The city is worldwide known with its various populations. There are people all over the world and actually if you go there you will feel like you have been to almost every country in the world. Plus you will have the chance to explore some really cool places and try local cuisines of different peoples. Indian restaurants are great…but you should know that like every other huge city all over the world not all of them can offer you qualitative food. This is why you need to make a research on internet and find out which are the best places suitable for eating in London when it comes to Indian cuisine. Well, I’m a fan of those type of restaurants and I can tell you my personal ranking. Everything is based on personal experience and taste and I don’t mean to claim those are the best 5 Indian restaurants in London.

The first one on my list is a restaurant called Moti Mahal. It was established in 2005 and the chef is Anirudh Arora. The restaurant is considered to be one of the top class Indian restaurants and it is visited by lots of people every day. In my opinion this is a guarantee that the food is qualitative. You should give it a try definitely. The prices are a bit high but believe me – it is worthy.

The second one is Chakra. One of my favorite Indian restaurants also. Every time I want to eat cheaply or I don’t have enough money I go there. The thing is that the food is really delicious while the prices are probably the lowest when it comes to comparing Indian restaurant prices.

Cinnamon Club is number 3 on my personal ranking. Intersting fact about this place is that it is housed in a former library. This makes the atmosphere really unique and pleasant. Everything is in colonial-style while the food is also amazing.

Number 4 is Chutney Mary. This place has a special formula which has been used for more than 20 years and it works perfectly. The food is great, the services too.

And number 5, last but not least of my favorite Indian restaurants is Madhu’s. With its typical Indian name this place can help you plunge into the unique Indian world by tasting their delicious food.

By the way I should recommend you to rent serviced apartments London situated near those restaurants because you will save some money. You will see that even if you don’t book an apartment before your arrival it would be quite easy to find one than finding Apartment Prague or Apartment Milan. If you have a chance you can visit all of the above 5 mentioned places and make a comparison between the food and service.

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Luxury Tour in India

Luxury tours to IndiaTourism industry in India is most emerging industry. In past tourism was not like any industry in India. But now as the world is becoming smaller due to the modern technologies, the tourism emerged as an industry. Some years ago, a small number of people used to visit India, but now as the people have come in touch with new technologies then they become eager to know and see the place after reading about the place through internet. Some ten years before this began to emerge as an Industry. And now it is almost fully organized and developed industry. As this has become an organized industry then it is the demand of time to run this industry globally suitable to all tourists. Then a word ‘Luxury’ introduced in this industry.

When a person come out of home to travel or tour a place then he simply looks for some kind of peace and pleasure and a life without any sort of worries. He wants all things according to his desire. Then various organizations came in light which took the responsibility to serve the tourists a luxurious life on tour. People go on tour in search of rest from daily life schedule and these companies serve him in the way he wants him to be treated. Luxury is something which everyone loves to live in. Luxury tour is the full package of all facilities what one may require and wish for on a tour. These companies provide all facilities from traveling, feeding to arrangement of some adventurous sports. You just have to pay the amount of package what you want to take up and rest is left on traveling and tourism agency. Tourism agencies make your travel so convenient and luxurious that you never need to draw a question line on your forehead. They just give you full time to enjoy and if you ever need an expert to try on any adventurous sport then they will also facilitate an expert for the sport. These luxurious tour service providing companies will never let you down.

These companies provide their facilities to all over the India where ever you are to go. From Jammu-Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Goa anywhere you want to go, just hire the service providing companies and you just let the time go. They will arrange everything from travelling to hotels.

Luxury tours to India are the demand of time as well as this industry is also full of competition. Many facility provider companies are coming in India with all new and innovative ideas then it becomes essential for all to update themselves with all new assets to be in competition. This healthy competition has come up with revolutionary luxury tour facilities which is a good sign for tourism industry of India. This will give a boost to tourism in India. We can say that ‘Luxury is the lifeline of tourism’.

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South India Tourism, a bay window to the south

Slow down for a moment from your busy life and enjoy the relaxed pace of the journey, while you make your way into South India, the green paradise. The hospitality, beauty and colors this trip will offer to its travelers will truly make this journey less travelled, few of the best things the tourists can enjoy in South India are its enchanting backwater cruise, the panoramic view of the lush green landscapes, a captivating trip to the hill stations, a route to its balmy beaches and an enthralling wildlife safari. Discover the unplugged South India with South India tourism which is the best in offering the ultimate tours and travels to this land of greens.

South India Temples

South India Temples

South India Temples

South India also called the land of temples, home to numerous temples; this place is no less than a abode of the various gods and goddesses that are worshipped here. South India Temples are the living testimony of the marvelous art and architecture of South India; these temples reflect the work of the master craftsmen who have etched the walls of these magnificent art forms. Temples of South India are thronged by thousands of devotees that come to offer their prayers and also by the avid tourists who come to capture the beauty of this place.

South India Beaches

Beaches are the jewels embedded in the glittering necklace of South India; they are the most famous allures of this place. Being the favorite haunt of the avid travelers and merry makers, they serve as the ultimate escapade for all the crazy travelers who want to rush away from the bustling city life. Away from the chaos South India Beaches offer the best chance to take a plunge into the gleaming sea, take a lazy sunbath, watch the sunset and let your thoughts wander, taking a route to the beach will always be worthwhile.

South India Hill Stations

South India Hill Stations, best known for their panoramic view and kaleidoscopic landscapes are popular all over the world. The biggest haunt for nature lovers and honeymooners, the hill stations here possess beauty unparallel. Home to Ooty, the Queen of Hill Stations, Kodiakanal and Munnar, hill stations of south India are truly the perfect amalgamation of beauty with serenity.

Kerala Backwaters, the place where your journey begins

Gliding through the palm lined backwaters, with the waters below you reflecting a sudden gleam will enchant you and leave you mesmerized. Colorful exotic birds will fly past your head, welcoming you with their chirping sound that will echo and make the aura around you a lot more tranquilizing. Kerala Backwaters, the journey into the water’s paradise will be the most scintillating journey for a traveler who will witness the mystic land of palpable beauty for the very first time. Backwaters in Kerala are truly the star attractions of numerous tourists who travel to this place from far and wide.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala hill stations

Take the winding roads disappearing into the lush green lands of natural beauty, the place where the roads will end will leave you startled for a second and the view that you will witness will surely make you skip a beat, Kerala Hill Stations are the ultimate examples of unparallel beauty. Most loved by nature lovers and honeymooners, hill stations here serve as the perfect escapade and also a cozy nest for the numerous travelers who come to visit this place.

Kerala Resorts

Kerala resorts, serve as cozy cocoons for numerous travelers, who find them as the ultimate jaunt from their long tiring journey. They are best known to offer an exhilarating rendezvous with the natural beauty that lies all around them. Sea facing spacious rooms, the restful and calm ambience that they provide to its guests is worth the praise. The Architectural beauty that the resorts of Kerala possess is simply alluring and as one steps into the door of these resorts, the ever welcoming people of Kerala will greet you with a warm smile. Amidst the green landscapes and the dense growth of coconut trees the clusters of these resorts will offer you with the best luxuries.

Tamilnadu Tour, explore the land of mythical legends

Tamil Nadu, etched with stones that tell tales of mythical legends related to this place, it best deserves to be called ‘’The Land of Enduring Heritage’’. Dotted with endless allures, this place is striking example of splendor, serenity and natural bounties. In the words of the great explorer Marco Polo, he described Tamil Nadu as the most splendid province in the world. Ruled by the three most powerful dynasties namely Cholas, Pallavas and Pandyas , the state has traditionally been the epitome of the great Dravidian culture that spreads outwards to neighboring regions from its shores.

Tamilnadu Holidays

Tamilnadu Holidays will be the most exciting, engaging and inspiring as Tamil Nadu will offer you tTamilnadu Hill Stationso travel its famous cities, its magnificent temples, its awe inspiring hill stations and other numerous attractions that are dotted with. Nilgiri hills, situated at a great altitude will offer the adventure lovers with a daunting trek; one can also follow the temple trail and visit the numerous temples of Tamil Nadu and all the wildlife lovers can witness the rich habitat of some of the most endangered species that are known to exist in this place. Holidays spent in Tamil Nadu will be truly exhilarating.

Tamilnadu Hill Stations

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city life, Tamilnadu hill stations will serve you with the ultimate place to relax and rejuvenate. Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, the picturesque view of the floating clouds, misty valleys, rolling hills and cascading waterfalls will delight your eyes and will make you fall in love with this place.

Tamilnadu Temples

Tamil Nadu, also known as the land of temples, is a home to 300,000 temples that are found in every nook and corner of this state. Famous for their glorious past and spectacular art and architecture, Tamilnadu temples are truly the living testimony of the holistic past it holds.

India Tourism, every route I take makes me end up here

India tourism

India tourism

I fall short of words whenever I try to define this country, on a visit to this incredible place, all I got to witness was its colorful festivals, endless allures, bustling markets, city streets full of life, heartwarming people , unique culture and speckled traditions, and since then India has become my favorite travel destination. Now I make frequent trips to this country and every other time it feels like my very first visit to this place, India tourism, being one of the lading tourism concerns has always been my best travel guide, the one who makes my every trip to India a memorable one.

India Luxury Tours

If one talks about India Luxury Tours, there can be nothing that can be compared with it, luxury tours are the most famous among avid travelers especially the global ones, they prefer Luxury tours India as it is the most appropriate way in which they can explore this country that is full of immense wonder. Some of the most loved luxury tours of India are Golden Triangle Tours, Royal Rajasthan Tours, Colorful Rajasthan Tour, Camel Safari Tour, Forts and palaces Tours, India incredible Tours so on and so forth.

Luxury Trains in India

Travelling by a crowded train has always been hilarious for me, it’s a unique experience that lasts longer than you could have ever imagined but even Luxury Trains in India are the best means of travelling in their own way. Luxury trains in India are well known all over the world for the immense luxuries, comforts and hospitality they offer to the travelers. Their main aim is to feed the guests with richness and royalty, luxury trains decked with innumerable modern amenities, rich cabins and majestic coaches serve as the ultimate modes of travel to the numerous travel enthusiasts that come to visit this place.

Hill Stations in South India

Have you ever been transported to a land which defines beauty at its best, if not then take a trip to Hill Stations in South India that are known all over the world for their palpable beauty and serenity. Perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, they are the most loved travel spots for all the tourists that come from places far and wide to visit this place that embodies beauty that has no parallel.

North India Hotels Offers Everything Visitor Wants

One of the concerns for every visitor to any country and that includes India, is suitable accommodation in the place of visit. North India Hotels take appropriate care of the visitors providing great hospitality and excellent services.

North India tour could be the one that would capture the enigma named India appropriately. Huge diversities, snow dusted mountains as well as lush green environment; everything is there for the visitors in North India. Only thing that is missing in North India could be the exotic sea beaches of East, West, and South India. However, many north India tours also include visit to sea beaches in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, and West Bengal etc.

To enjoy the diverse interests that include tranquil temples, sun washed beaches, great entertaining festivals, lantern-lit villages and even software-supreme cities, visitors need accommodation that would make them free of tension. Hotels in India whether it is Hotels in Delhi or various other Hotels in Uttar Pradesh , they offer everything that the visitors could expect for. Delicious dishes, excellent services, all modern amenities are available even in standard hotels that are not beyond the affordability levels of average tourist and traveler.

Many visitors visit various places in India for business purposes around the year. Majority of them arrive in the metropolitan cities that offer excellent business opportunities. Those visiting business hubs in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Calcutta, or Ludhiana will also look for suitable accommodations with business conference facilities. Numerous hotels are there in these areas that cater to the requirements of visitors perfectly. All types of Hotels in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and other states are there that includes five start hotels through budget hotels for the visitors that are on budget.

People who are interested to explore the India unknown may like to visit one of the largest states in India, Madhya Pradesh. Like other parts in the country Hotels in Madhya Pradesh also come in various categories offering everything the visitors and guests may desire to have.

Luxury Trains in India – Enjoy the Excellence

One of the main attractions of India tours is the traveling on luxury trains that are running at various places in the country. Each has its own distinct character molded in specific culture and heritage of the area.

One of the main attractions of India tourism these days is luxury travels. While luxury accommodation was always available in the country, luxury travel concepts were basically confined to traveling in air conditioned class or first class in trains or in air conditioned coach buses and cars.

Luxury Trains in India

Luxury Trains in India

Such concept has now changed completely with the introduction of multiple Luxury Trains in India. Starting with the “Palace on Wheels”, also known as the “Pink City Express” a number of such luxurious trains has been launched in different parts of India. Each of these trains cover a different part of the country and presents the rich culture and heritage of the concerned area where it operates.

Deccan Odyssey provides royal journey across the center of the country providing views of majestic forts, palaces, temples, and exotic beaches on the way besides glimpses of landscape of the south delivering an unforgettable odyssey. Latest in the ranks of luxury trains is the Golden Chariot that takes the traveler on a journey through South India. A weeklong journey commences at Bangalore and covers Mysore, Srirangapatnam, Kabini Wildlife sanctuary, Hassan, Belur, Halebid, Shravanabelgola, Hospet, Hampi, Gadag, Atihole, Badami, and Pattadakal. This is a trip that no one looking for India Luxury Tours can afford to miss.

A new luxury train; Royal Rajasthan On Wheels not only gives the traveler the opportunity to explore the lands of warriors

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

instyle while enjoying extreme comfort matching the best of deluxe hotels. It covers a long route from Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur in Rajasthan and various other places including Agra.

Besides these there are also the Kalka Shimla Shivalik Express, and Darjeeling toy train that could be categorized among the luxury trains in India exploring the snake like curved hilly track and passing through numerous tunnels and giving the traveler a unique experience of life.